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Who We Are

Bahamas Golf Federation is the governing body of golf in the Bahamas. We are dedicated to growing the sport through various initiatives, ensuring that members have access to golf courses in the Bahamas, and providing information and tournaments for golfers.

We provide a full range of golf services from which every player can surely benefit. Bahamas Golf Federation is widely known for hosting annual golf competitions including the National Amateur Championships. We also offer discounts at various courses around the Bahamas to all of our members.

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What we stand for

The Bahamas Golf Federation is dedicated to growing the sport of golf through various initiatives and providing tournaments and information about tournaments in the region.

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Golf Academy

Let your child discover the fascination of golf, a game with a great history! Our Golf Academy welcomes kids.

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Golfing Tournaments

We regularly organizes golf tournaments for seasoned players and enthusiasts. Feel free to choose an event.

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The Bahamas Golf Federation often hosts professional golf championships with players from all over the world.

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Golf Courses

The Bahamas has some of the worlds most breathtaking golf courses that even the pros love to return to.


You can easily maintain your scores at any time just by logging into our online portal. Register online or contacting one of our managers to discuss something specific.


The Bahamas Golf Federation is known for hosting golf tournaments in the region, and you can always take part and experience it for yourself by becoming a member.

Discounted Rates

Our members enjoy discounted rates at various golf courses throughout the Bahamas as well as preferred access to Bahamas Golf Federation facilities and services.